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According to GKNB, Leonid Maevskiy is affected party

The head of the GKNB Abdil Segizbaev told deputies of the parliament, who organized a meeting between the leader of Ata Meken Omurbek Tekebayev with businessman Leonid Maevskiy.

According to him, currently GKNB (National Security Committee) conducts investigative measures, as they were distortions and slander.

«GKNB received operational data which the former member of parliament Omurbek Abdyrakhmanov previously voiced. In May 2010, Chotonov and Mamatkerimov organized meeting of Tekebayev with Maevskiy. Then Russian businessman offered to buy shares of Alfa Telecom company, having given $ 1 million beforehand," Abdil Segizbaev said.

Authorized representatives of Tekebayev received the money in two tranches of $ 300,000 and $ 700,000.

«As soon as Tekebayev received the money, conditions have changed. He demanded a percentage of the transaction for buy and sell of the company. As a result, a dispute arose. Tekebayev hasn’t fulfilled his obligations. Maevskiy is the affected party," Abdil Segizbaev said.

He added that in fact there is evidence not only of Modin and Maevskiy, but others, data of who is not disclosed due to the secrecy of the investigation.