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Men in Kyrgyzstan live 7-10 years less than women

According to statistics, in Kyrgyzstan the average life expectancy for men is for 7–10 years less than women, the press center of the Health Ministry reported.

According to it, the incidence of oncology in the sexual sphere among men increases.

As a result of conducted in the previous years actions «Men’s Health Week» about 60 percent of men over 40 suffer from sexual dysfunction in one form or another. In addition, in recent years the frequency of male infertility increased significantly — from 40 to 60 percent.

If earlier the sperm of men contained from 60 to 120 million sperm per 1 milliliter, and it was considered the norm, the current indicators have fallen significantly and now account for 20 to 60 million.

«This is often the reason for the increase in the divorce rate, fertility decline. The disappointing performance in men older than 55 years: 70 percent of them suffer from frequent nighttime urination, and only 8 percent of this number turn for help to doctors. All this leads to disruption of the quality of life that has only medical but also social significance," the doctors state.

Modern man must be responsible for his own health. To do this, first of all one should follow a healthy lifestyle.

In the media, the Internet it is often written that the main symptom is pain. However, there are many asymptomatic forms of the disease.

Taking various drugs without the knowledge of doctors, men aggravate the disease, making it difficult to diagnose. Especially the causes of prostate disease may be different, so the treatment should be individual.