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Upgrading of veterinary laboratories in Kyrgyzstan controlled by Russia

Upgrading of veterinary laboratories in Kyrgyzstan is under control of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. This was stated during a visit of the Chairman of State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan Azamat Sulaimanov and the head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bulavin to the National Centre for Veterinary Diagnosis and Expertise.

As noted, Vladimir Bulavin noted that in 2015 there was signed an agreement on the equipment of checkpoints and phytosanitary laboratories in Kyrgyzstan within the Eurasian integration.

The National Centre for Veterinary Diagnosis and Expertise of the State Inspectorate for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety received the first batch of high-tech equipment.

Vladimir Bulavin

«In the near future, furniture, consumables, various sampling tubes will be supplied; the second delivery of high-tech equipment to Bishkek and Osh will take place. There is design and estimate documentation, and we entered the stage of signing state contracts for the purchase of equipment and construction works. These points are to be equipped with inspection system. Sheds, driveways, foundation should be built for them," Vladimir Bulavin said.

«Two years of cooperation in EEU framework is not a long time, but much has been done, global issues have been resolved. Currently, there is a required rate for execution of the agreement with our Kyrgyz partners, and even with a slight lag, but we will fulfill all of our obligations. I am in constant contact with a colleague — the head of the Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan Azamat Sulaimanov, we meet almost monthly," Vladimir Bulavin said.

All operational issues — as in terms of implementation of the agreement, so in terms of the rapid exchange of information, development of the contacts — are regularly discussed.

Vladimir Bulavin

Earlier, experts from the European Union visited eight laboratories in Kyrgyzstan. In their view, the objects are not yet ready to check the goods for further export to the EU.