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Tekebayev’s case. No extraordinary session of parliament to be held

No factions except Onuguu-Progress and Ata Meken supported holding of an extraordinary session of the Parliament in connection with the detention of Omurbek Tekebayev, Asiya Sasykbayeva said today at a meeting of the opposition.

According to her, during the meeting of the leaders of factions no one, except Almambet Shykmamatov and Bakyt Torobaev, supported this initiative.

The leaders of the factions are just consulting today.

«I think they will consult not with people who can give the right advice on the situation in the country. Abdil Segizbaev (head of GKNB) said that he created all the conditions of detention of Tekebayev during interrogation," Asiya Sasykbayeva said.

Now about 200 people have gathered at the square. They brought flags of Ata Meken. The protesters hold banners «Hands off Ata Meken» and «people support Tekebayev.»