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Hajj 2017 mobile app to be developed in Kyrgyzstan

Azhylyk 2017 mobile application will be developed in Kyrgyzstan for Hajj. Deputy mufti and the chief of headquarters for the organization of the pilgrimage Akimzhan Ergeshov told at a press conference.

According to him, the application will contain all the necessary information about the Hajj. «There will be information about the flight, route, hotel and so on," Akimzhan Ergeshov said.

He noted that 4,585 places, 900 more than in the last year, have been allocated under quota for the pilgrims from Kyrgyzstan in 2017.

«As of today, 3,354 people were registered for Hajj, but there is still time to register," the head of staff said.

He recalled: electronic registration began in 32 points on February 6 and will last until March 6 in the country.

«In 2017, the organization of Hajj started 10 days earlier, because, according to the lunar calendar, Orozo and Hajj are annually shifted by 10 days," Akimzhan Ergeshov said.