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Daughter of Omurbek Tekebayev appeals to public

Daughter of the leader of Ata-Meken party Omurbek Tekebayev Aidanek Tekebayeva appealed to the public.

In her address, she wrote that her father was arrested by the State Committee for National Security by force and without giving him an opportunity to come down from the plane.

«My mother was there, but could not help. The father got to know about criminal case against him when being in Vienna (Austria). Knowing about the risk of being arrested, he still hoped that Atambayev would not make such a step. And he quietly returned home," she writes.

Aidanek Tekebayeva wonders whether there was a need to detain her father with three buses of policemen and security officers, and is her father a world scale terrorist?

According to her, she considers such steps of the authorities as fear of the truth of Tekebayev.

Daughter of the politician is puzzled by the false documents from Belize and a testimony of a Russian businessman who somehow kept silent for seven years.

«In his video, Maevskiy recognizes that he did not give a tyiyn by his hand to my father," Aidanek said.

Aidanek Tekebayeva asked the general public to support the politician.