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Tamerlan Ibraimov about developments around Omurbek Tekebayev’s case

Detention of Omurbek Tekebayev at Manas airport dramatically aggravated the situation in Bishkek. The way in which the detention was carried out — crowd of police — says that the government is determined to imprison Tekebayev, the director of the Center for Political and Legal Studies, Tamerlan Ibraimov said to 24.kg news agency.

In his opinion, such an approach of the authorities caused protests.

Power could, of course, go the other way — not arranging demonstrative arrest, summon Tekebayev for questioning. Then everything would be without such fuss. What’s next?

According to the expert, a struggle for survival began. In such a struggle, unfortunately, the issue of detailed legal proceedings and the charges of corruption are most likely to take back seat.

«Today, one thing is clear: neither Tekebayev, nor Atambayev are going to retreat. Then a lot will depend on ability of Ata Meken to mobilize their supporters to protest. I believe that all the forces will be directed for protection of their leader. If this happens, it will be harder for the president to hold the reins of power in his hands. If the protests fizzle out, a number of Tekebayev’s closest supporters are likely to follow him," Tamerlan Ibraimov says.

The chief will be not who is right or wrong according to the law, but who has more power and resources to defend his position. Objectively the government has more resources, but here it is important to convince the public that they are right.

Tamerlan Ibraimov

«If this can’t be done, even large state resources will be powerless in the face of public pressure," he added.

«However, this fight doesn’t «involve» basic for today presidential candidates in the fall elections. This means that their resources remain uninvolved. Those who make the right choice and take a winning position in this fight will receive an additional bonus in the upcoming elections. But none of them has yet decided what the right choice is," Tamerlan Ibraimov summed up.