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Creditors say Russian-Kyrgyz Fund ravaged poultry farm

The Russian-Kyrgyz Fund ravaged poultry farm «Brid» in Leninskoe village, lawyer Kairat Zagibaev said today at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to him,  30 creditors of Lenin poultry farm have suffered. «We faced with the horrific facts of plunder of the company. The poultry farm was opened in 2012. In 2015, its head turned to the Russian-Kyrgyz Fund for $ 2.7 million for development," Kairat Zagibaev said.

Fund insisted that it will order the equipment for the factory.

But the equipment turned out to be expensive. The owners couldn’t pay the first tranche due to objective reasons.

Kairat Zagibaev

«Leaders of the Fund have come up with a scheme — to take enterprise for the debts. The owner gave the land and equipment, the fund promised to return factory by installments in order the director could pay the remaining debt. As soon as the documents were drawn up, he was expelled from the fund. He returned to the factory, but security already guarded it," Kairat Zagibaev said.

He added that high officials are behind this case. Lenders hope to obtain justice in the court.