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Kyrgyzstan reviews list of life-saving drugs

Kyrgyzstan reviewed the list of life-saving drugs. The document was submitted for public discussion.

According to the expert in evidence-based medicine Bermet Baryktabasova, 95 drugs were included in the list, 51 — excluded.

 According to the Ministry of Health, the list missed a number of products related to the main basic medicines in the international practice. Some of them are not registered in the country and / or unknown for Kyrgyz doctors because of conservatism of the latter.

«This makes difficulties for access to a proven effective drugs, even when hospitals and patients have the means to acquire them. Often, the patient has to buy medicines on his own, for which it is necessary not only to go to the pharmacy and buy medicine, but also to buy it abroad, if it is not available in the country, buy it illegally or from acquaintances," background statement said.

Until now, in the pharmacies one can find needed but unregistered, illegally sold drug, and the cost of such drugs grows significantly.

Kyrgyz Ministry of Health

In this regard, the Kyrgyz list of life-saving drugs from 2017 included preparations for the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, painkillers, dermatology and venereologic drugs, means of contraception, antibiotics and others.

«We have included the most social and strong drugs and excluded useless drugs, sugar pills — ineffective medications that were lobbied. Discussion of the list will take place within a month, but only in favor of the strengthening of strictness. It will be impossible to push through unwanted drugs. Sinecure for pharmaceutical companies no longer exists," Bermet Baryktabasova said.

The emphasis in the revision, according to her, was made on the maximum correspondence to the similar original list of the World Health Organization (WHO, 2015).