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Experts voice cause of Boeing 747 crash in Kyrgyzstan

AirDisaster resource, specializing in the coverage of aviation accidents in the countries of the former Soviet Union, has published data on Turkish cargo aircraft Boeing 747, and has voiced the possible cause of its crash near the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Experts note that the plane was to land in Manas airport for refueling. This landing approach was carried out at night in adverse weather conditions. This was freezing fog, horizontal visibility of 100 meters, 350–400 meters visibility on the runway, cloud height — 50 meters.

The website presents information about the possible causes of the crash. Experts say that when landing the crew did not control the height of removal. This led to missing of the final approach point along which the aircraft must descend for landing. This path is called the glide path.

  • The crew passed the final approach point 200 meters above the set landing scheme at a speed of 370 kilometers per hour in the established localizer mode and active glide slope capture mode.
  • As the passage of the final approach point was much higher, it was not established, and the aircraft switched to the height-keeping mode at an altitude of just over 1 kilometer above the sea level.
  • At a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the end of the runway, there was established a false glide path with a short (about 1 second) activation of glide slope capture mode.
  • The aircraft automatically started getting down in parallel to the calculated glide path.

The crew did not take into account deviation from the glide slope on the Primary Flight Display in the lowest position. The end of the runway was passed at an altitude much higher than the estimated one. The commander announced the decision to perform missed approach at a height of 30 meters due to lack of visual contact with landmarks. However, the missed approach mode was activated only at a height of 16 meters, the report said.

During the missed approach, the plane landed on the ground 900 meters after passing the exit end of the runway and 60 meters to the right of its axis.

Then, taking off from the ground and colliding with concrete fence of the airport, Boeing 747 rolled out on the territory of Dacha SU village, wrecked and burned down.

The website does not disclose the data source. At the same time, there was no official refutation of the information by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), which is investigating the crash of the Turkish aircraft.