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Kyrgyzstan intends to become transit hub for information technology

Kyrgyzstan, using its geographical position and effectively implementing ambitious IT projects, may become «transit hub», including the countries of Central Asia. The head of Civil Initiative of Internet Policy NGO Tattu Mambetalieva said, speaking at the opening of the 6th Forum of Information Technologies (KIT forum).

Forum of Information Technologies is held in Kyrgyzstan for the 6th time. It is the largest in the field of information and communication technologies.

Experts discuss the prospects of IT industry development and the creation of conditions for the successful development of this sector. The main barriers of the development of IT sector, corruption, the conditions of investment attractiveness of IT sector, the capabilities of public-private partnership will be discussed at the current forum.

According to the head of the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications Bakyt Sharshembiev, up to date, the state stakes on the development of information technologies.

«At the moment, there are being developed and implemented many projects related to electronic management in all the country’s public bodies to ensure facilitated access of citizens to public services. The transition to the digital economy is the trend of the times," Bakyt Sharshembiev said.