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Kyrgyzstan issues seven-year bonds for first time

Kyrgyz Ministry of Finance for the first time has issued seven-year government treasury bonds (T-bills) at 500 million soms, its press service reported.

It is noted that the seven-year T-bills issue was held in the execution of the Medium-Term Public Debt Management Strategy. According to the document, the Ministry of Finance will increase the proportion of long-term government securities. Office believes that the circulation of 7-year T-bills will expand the range of available financial instruments for investors interested in long-term investment funds.

At the end of the auction, the demand for T-bills amounted to 1.34 billion soms with the supply of 500 million soms.

The weighted average yield of T-bills was fixed at 18 percent per annum.

The Ministry of Finance plans to continue issue of seven-year T-bills on a regular basis. It is noted that the benefits of T-bills are high reliability, market and attractive yield.