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900 of 1,130 state-owned enterprises recognized «dead»

Only 166 out of 1,130 state-owned enterprises are working, 900 were recognized «dead». Deputy Chief of Government Staff Jyldyzbek Isakulov announced today at the board meeting of the State Property Management Fund.

According to him, there was always voiced a data about 1,130 state-owned enterprises in the country. The Ministry of Justice said about 585 objects, the State Tax Service — about 704, the Social Fund — about 485.

«All the figures are different. We had to find out which companies are working and which are not. It was found out that 166 state-owned enterprises are operating. About 900 turned out to be dead, they were established in 1931," Jyldyzbek Isakulov told.

He added that the optimization work would continue.

«Those companies that have debts will be closed through bankruptcy. 55 out of 166 enterprises will be transformed, other 55 — optimized. As a result, there will be 25 state-owned enterprises," Jyldyzbek Isakulov explained.