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Third of Kyrgyzstanis consider NATO as threat

A third of Kyrgyzstanis believe that NATO poses a threat to the state. Such data was presented by the American Polls Service Gallup.

It is noted that 34 percent of Tajik citizens and 31 percent of Kazakhstanis see a threat in the alliance. At the same time, 19 percent of Kyrgyzstanis described the North Atlantic Alliance as a reliable partner and a defender, and 12 percent take it neutrally.

Gallup recorded the most negative attitude towards NATO among the Russians since 2008. The rate has reached the mark of 67 percent of respondents.

In Tajikistan, 8 percent of the population believes that NATO is able to protect them, and another 20 percent take it neutrally. The figures were 31 percent and 27 percent respectively in Kazakhstan.