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Ukraine files lawsuit against Russia because of restricted transit to Kyrgyzstan

Ukraine has filed a lawsuit to the World Trade Organization because of the restriction of transit of goods through Russia’s its territory to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan by Russia. Kommersant reported.

It is noted that the Ministry of Economic Development of the country demands to form an expert group within the framework of the case on restriction of the supply of goods through Russia to the third countries. It is noted that since January 1, 2016 Russia has introduced restrictions on the transit traffic of goods by road and the railroad tracks from the territory of Ukraine through Russia to Kazakhstan, and from July 1, 2016 — to Kyrgyzstan.

According to estimates of the Ministry of Economy, about 79 percent of exports from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and 95 percent — to Kyrgyzstan suffered from restrictions and partial ban on the part of Russia.

The process of settlement of the dispute began last year. However, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine believes that, as of today, Russia «is not ready to settle the dispute» and «did not take measures to abolish the illegal, discriminatory and economically unreasonable restrictions in the field of transit.»

In September last year, Ukraine has requested consultations on Ukrainian goods transit restrictions to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Kiev claims that the trade turnover with these countries fell by more than a third, and the losses were estimated at $ 1 billion.