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Statement on participation in presidential election — signal to Kremlin

Statement of the presidential candidates to participate in elections — a signal for external players, the former deputy of the Parliament of the V convocation Ravshan Jeenbekov said to 24.kg news agency.

He considers officially declared claims of the candidates for the top post of the country as a lack of financial resources, saying, pay attention to us.

Today no one in Kyrgyzstan has $ 50 million, and the elections will cost approximately that much, if there is competition.

Ravshan Jeenbekov

He didn’t rule out that many candidates may be eliminated from the race.

Ravshan Jeenbekov noted that the main external player — the Kremlin.

«The Kremlin will eliminate or compromise the unnecessary people, or ask our power to make it," Ravshan Jeenbekov said.

Earlier Temir Sariev and Bakyt Torobaev stated about their participation in the presidential election.