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Officials accused of unpreparedness of country when joining EEU

Chairman of the newly created in Kyrgyzstan shadow government Marat Imankulov accused the incumbent cabinet and officials of Kyrgyzstan of country’s unpreparedness when joining the EEU.

According to him, despite assurances of officials on the annual growth of the economy, now the socio-economic situation of the population deteriorates.

«If in 2011 Kyrgyzstan's GDP per capita was $ 1 001.24, but today the figure slightly increased — $ 1001.50. While the economic performance of other countries-members of the EEU continues to grow. Georgia’s GDP over the years has grown by 5–6 times, Tajikistan — in 2 times, and Armenia — in 3–4 times," Marat Imankulov said.