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Insurers to pay $ 38 mln for crashed Boeing 747

Eurasia Kazakh Insurance Company is ready to settle claim on cargo Boeing 747, crashed on January 16 nearby Manas airport. Website of the company reports.

«Insurers and loss adjusters began to count how many they would have to pay to all the affected parties. In a worst-case scenario, the total payout from all reinsurers only on aircraft cost could reach $ 38 million. But these are only preliminary figures," statement said.

Refunds can grow several-fold any time, because the investigation into the causes and consequences of the crash has not yet come to an end, and the commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee has not issued its verdict.

The risks of the aircraft have been reinsured in Eurasia Insurance Company, which has already received notice of the insured event.

It is noted that the reinsurance contract provides for insurance of the aircraft, the civil liability of air transport owners and the third party liability.

«If the accident occurred as a result of the implementation of one of the risks specified in the insurance contract and in provision of all necessary confirming documents by the insuring party, Eurasia Insurance Company is ready to make an insurance payment in the shortest possible time," the company stated.

At present, there is a collection of information and documents on the insured event. Shortly after counting the exact damage, Eurasia will lay a reserve for insurance payments.

Recall, Boeing 747 cargo aircraft crashed on January 16 in Dacha SU village near Manas airport. The aircraft was flying from Hong Kong to Istanbul. As a result, 39 people, including crew, have been killed.