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29 parents of teenagers brought to responsibility for #bluewhale game

In Kyrgyzstan, 29 parents of teenagers were brought to responsibility for #siniykit (blue whale), #tikhiy dom (quiet house) game, the Permanent Representative of the Government in Parliament Ashyrbek Temirbaev said today at a meeting of the Parliament.

According to him, the government has held several meetings to ban these games, after which children commit suicide.

We have identified the teenagers who are in the game. We sent 67 letters, 29 parents were brought to responsibility for nonperformance of their duties.

Ashyrbek Temirbaev
There is a certain social network game in Kyrgyzstan with the hashtag #seaofwhales, #quiethouse, #f58 and #d28, #wanttoplay, #wakemeup at 4.20. Previously, it has been spread among teenagers in Russia. Some teens, allegedly, committed suicide after the game.

At least 17 school students committed suicide since the beginning of the year.