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Youth estimate economic situation of Kyrgyzstan as bad

Youth estimate the economic situation of Kyrgyzstan as bad. Data is included in the analysis on determining the social mood index of youth, the Center for Public Opinion Research of the National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

According to it, there have been questioned 907 respondents in the country, including 471- in Bishkek.

83 percent of respondents are satisfied with life in general, and 9 are not satisfied.

42 percent of young people assessed the economic situation in the country as good and average, and 49 percent — as poor and very poor.

At least 44 percent among the respondents believe that everything in the political environment is bad, and another 44 percent — that everything is normal.

35 percent of respondents estimate the general direction of country’s development as a proper, as wrong — 49 percent.