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Trade and logistics complex on border with Kazakhstan: Mazhilis adopts law

The authorities of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan intend to create a trade and logistics complex on the border between the countries. The corresponding law on ratification of the bilateral agreement was adopted by deputies of the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan (lower house of Parliament).

An intergovernmental agreement on creation and regulation of the activities of an industrial trade and logistics complex in the area of Karasu (Kazakhstan) and Ak-Tilek (Kyrgyzstan) road checkpoints was signed in Astana on June 9, 2023. It is concluded for 25 years and will be extended automatically for five-year periods.

The complex will consist of Kazakh and Kyrgyz parts in the border adjacent territories of the parties. The agreement will improve the conditions for doing business in the trade and logistics sector between the two states and will contribute to the development of bilateral relations.

After the Mazhilis passes the law on ratification of the agreement, it will go to the Senate, the upper house of Parliament, for consideration.