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Minimum subsistence level reaches 7,700 soms in Kyrgyzstan

Based on the results of the first quarter of 2024, the minimum subsistence level in Kyrgyzstan reached 7,769.17 soms. The National Statistical Committee provided the data.

This is almost 88 soms higher than the level of 2023 and 590.85 soms higher than in 2022.

The main part in the structure of the minimum subsistence level is the food basket — 65 percent.

The minimum subsistence level for the working age population is 8,669.52 soms, pensioners — 6,886.86 soms, children — 6,632.15 soms.

The highest level of subsistence minimum is in Jalal-Abad (8,124.89 soms) and Naryn (7,984.03 soms) regions, the lowest — in Issyk-Kul region (7,195.17 soms).