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EU provides Kyrgyzstan with list of goods imports of which is closely monitored

«During meetings with the authorities of Kyrgyzstan, the parties discussed the effective implementation of the sanctions regime, and there are a number of initiatives that are working in this direction,» European Union Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Marilyn Josefson told reporters, commenting on the results of the visit of European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Shinas to the republic.

According to her, it is about compiling a list of goods imported by Kyrgyzstan, which are being monitored. There are a number of goods, imports of which the EU would like to monitor more closely.

«Workshops for government agencies were held for this purpose, and detailed monitoring was discussed there. They were attended by experts from Brussels and specialists from state bodies. The introduction of legislative norms for monitoring sanctions was discussed. At the moment, we are working with the authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic on compliance with an effective sanctions regime. Now I do not see any additional measures being discussed. Everything depends on the joint work of the two countries. The question is not about deadlines for the execution of sanctions, but about the possibility of stopping all flows within the restrictions,» Marilyn Josefson concluded.