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Kyrgyzstan adheres to sanctions imposed against Russia - Foreign Minister

Kyrgyzstan adheres to the sanctions imposed against Russia by European countries and the United States. The Foreign Affairs Minister of the country Jeenbek Kulubaev said on DW TV channel.

According to him, the Kyrgyz Republic fulfills agreements with Western partners, but at the same time does not refuse trade with Russia.

«I can unequivocally confirm that we have never violated sanctions and will not violate them, we will follow the agreements that we have with our Western partners. As for the fact that there is trade at the bilateral level — no one can prohibit trade with China, Russia or other CIS countries. I, as a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan, can officially state that we have never violated sanctions,» Jeenbek Kulubaev said.

It was reported on July 20 that four companies from Kyrgyzstan were included in the sanctions list of the United States government for cooperation with Russia. The Washington Post reported with reference to senior White House officials that sanctions may be imposed on the Kyrgyz Republic. It was reported that a hidden system of supply of banned technologies to Russia was organized in Central Asia.

The authorities of Kyrgyzstan reacted to the message. The head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Akylbek Japarov, said that the Kyrgyz Republic would take measures to prevent the sanctioned goods from crossing the border. The State Committee for National Security launched an investigation into the activities of private companies involved in the re-export of sanctioned goods.