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Russian Foreign Ministry comments on state language law in Kyrgyzstan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov commented on the adoption of the Law on the State Language of the Kyrgyz Republic. The official website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russia reports.

Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with the leaders of Russian non-profit organizations in Moscow that «efforts are much needed to provide objective information about the situation in our country, as well as efforts to promote the Russian language, culture, and national education abroad.»

According to him, difficult processes are underway, including in the CIS space. In particular, certain laws are adopted in Central Asia. For example, the Kyrgyz Republic adopted the law on the state language.

According to Sergei Lavrov, «this is not entirely democratic.»

«I mean to oblige all civil servants to speak the Kyrgyz language and work using it. Teachers, doctors of state medical institutions were included in the category of civil servants. We have warned several times, but another line prevailed, although Russian remains the language of national communication in the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan,» he stressed.

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia told how attempts have been made to infringe on the Russian language in a number of situations. «Not to mention what has been done in Ukraine, and what has been done in the Baltic states a long time ago. Our experience in the peaceful coexistence of representatives of different nationalities, cultures, religions, while preserving all their national features and developing the Russian language as a unifying factor, is in great demand in the modern world,» he believes.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov signed the constitutional law on the state language on July 17. The document stipulates in which areas the state language is subject to mandatory use. This applies to both government agencies and private structures. A list of persons who are required to speak Kyrgyz and use it in their work has been determined.

It is clarified that the names of joint and foreign organizations should be documented with their transliteration into the Kyrgyz language. Television and radio companies, including private ones, must broadcast at least 60 percent of their programs in the state language.

The law states that Russian is used as the official language.

«Kyrgyzstan adheres to the principle of free use of the languages of representatives of all ethnic groups living on its territory, and guarantees creation of conditions for the development of these languages. Every citizen has the right to create conditions for the preservation, learning and development of their native language,» the document says.

The law also establishes the legal framework for the use of the Kyrgyz language, implementation of language policy, the obligations of state bodies and local government bodies in creating conditions for their development.