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Sadyr Japarov explains why corruption fighting is ineffective in Kyrgyzstan

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov addressed citizens on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

He noted that in today’s conditions of globalization, development of pandemic with inevitable introduction of restrictions and prohibitions, issues of combating corruption are becoming increasingly important, because it still poses a threat to the institutions of the state and the stability of public life.

«Kyrgyzstan continues to work consistently to implement the provisions of the relevant UN Convention. As part of its international obligations, the republic, together with the UN office, has successfully conducted analytical studies and reviews of the UN Convention against Corruption. In addition, Kyrgyzstan also continues to actively participate in the activities of other international anti-corruption organizations. At the same time, the possibility of including our republic in the Council of Europe’s group of countries to combat corruption in the future is being studied,» the text says.

Among the priorities of the country Sadyr Japarov mentioned improvement of the procedure of filing declarations by officials, verification of information about their assets, a ban on hiring into public office of persons who were previously involved in corrupt practices, expansion of citizens’ participation in anti-corruption measures and the popularization of anti-corruption standards in society.

The Anti-Corruption Business Council is working on the issue of approval of a new program document. It should specify the goals and objectives to be achieved.

«I think that this direction will be taken into account in the new national anti-corruption strategy of Kyrgyzstan that is being prepared now. As for the measures and mechanisms of countering this social evil provided by the current legislation, I should note their incompleteness and haphazardness, as well as lack of clear provisions on the powers and responsibilities of state bodies and officials. That’s why our fight against corrupt officials is not effective,» the President said.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has been instructed to develop a new draft law on counteracting corruption.

The document should not remain declarative, but implementable and meet today’s requirements and internationally approved priorities.

«At the beginning of next year we will put forward these and other drafts for discussion and adoption. Paying the closest attention and attaching great importance to the policy of eradicating corruption in Kyrgyzstan, we will definitely see it through to the end. We have the determination and the political will to curb this phenomenon, which is extremely detrimental to the development of our country! Measures in this sphere must be aimed at improving the quality of life of our citizens, the work of the state apparatus and more efficient spending of budgetary funds,» the President promised.