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Food security: Kyrgyzstan fully provides itself with three food products only

Kyrgyzstan fully provides itself with three food items only. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic, Askarbek Dzhanybekov, announced at a briefing in Bishkek.

«We fully provide ourselves with milk, products of its processing. On average, one Kyrgyzstani needs 198 kilograms of dairy products per year, and we export them. We also fully provide ourselves with potatoes and vegetables and export them. We do not 100 percent provide ourselves with the rest,» he said.

According to the minister, the republic is 68 percent provided with meat, sugar — 56 percent, chicken eggs — 50 percent, vegetable oil — only 20 percent, the rest is imports.

«At the same time, fish consumption is increasing in Kyrgyzstan. The volume of fish production has doubled this year. In order to provide sufficient volume, and this is 9.8 kilograms of fish products per person, we must produce at least 55,000 tons per year. We will be 100 percent self-sufficient in terms of fish in five years,» he concluded.