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Japarov supports functioning of state language in all spheres of public life

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov congratulated the Kyrgyz people on the State Language Day. Press service of the head of state reported.

«The Kyrgyz language is an invaluable spiritual wealth of our people. The majestic, ocean-like Manas epic, which has no equal in the world, is narrated in the Kyrgyz language,» the congratulatory message says.

The President noted that the Kyrgyz language as the state language is one of the main symbols of the statehood of Kyrgyzstan and an attribute of the identity of the people. «Consequently, the language policy is an integral and priority direction of state policy, which obliges each of us to contribute to the development of the Kyrgyz language and its acquisition of a real status of the state one,» he said.

We currently face with the task of achieving full-scale functioning of the state language in all spheres of public life.

Sadyr Japarov

«This is one of the important noble goals facing society, for the achievement of which we have both the political will and the approval of the people. This is what our history, our present and future require of us!» the message says.

According to the head of state, only desire is required for the switch of the office work to the state language.

«Today we are paying special attention to the process of transferring document circulation to the state language in state bodies. In addition, a number of large-scale tasks to improve the functioning of the state language are at the completion stage. Therefore, I call on all citizens of our country to serve for the sake of the prosperity of the state language and all the people without referring to various supposedly unfavorable conditions and circumstances!» the message says.

Development of the state language, improvement and expansion of its use in all spheres of public life require constant attention, tireless work and joint efforts of society and the state.

«I am deeply convinced that the Kyrgyz language is not only the native language of the Kyrgyz people, but also the spiritual embodiment of their honor and dignity! Let the future of the state language be bright! The sovereign state Kyrgyzstan will also live as long as the state language exists!» Sadyr Japarov said.