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COVID-19: Schools in 6 countries around the world still completely closed

Schools in six countries around the world are still almost completely closed. New report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says. UN News reports.

The organization noted that 77 million children are deprived of not only the right to education, but also of the opportunity to communicate with their age-mates and develop normally.

«18 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, schools in about 30 countries around the world are still fully or partially closed. Schoolchildren in Bangladesh, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Kuwait and the Philippines do not go to school at all and learn online,» the report says.

Totally, approximately 131 million children in 11 countries worldwide missed more than three terms of full-time education during the pandemic.

The academic year began on September 15 in Kyrgyzstan in traditional format.