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Cabinet of Ministers in talks with Russia to increase duty-free supplies of fuel

The Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan holds negotiations with the government of Russia over the increase in the volume of supplied motor gasoline without payment of export duties. The Ministry of Energy and Industry reported.

The Cabinet of Ministers notes that according to the agreement, 460,000 tonnes of gasoline are supplied to Kyrgyzstan annually without payment of duties. According to the Russian side, to date, 398,000 tonnes of gasoline have been supplied to the Kyrgyz Republic. The gasoline price in Kyrgyzstan is lower than in neighboring countries-importers of fuels and lubricants.

It should be reminded that earlier the Union of Oil Traders announced that Kyrgyzstan has already used the entire volume of duty-free gasoline and is importing fuel with payment of export duties. So, the cost of fuel could rise by almost 2 soms. Fuel and lubricants have risen in price by almost 1 som over the past week.