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Foreign Ministry comments on suspension of visa issuance to citizens of Pakistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan explained why processing of tourist visas for citizens of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal has been suspended.

According to the ministry, these measures were taken in order to streamline and organize the process of visiting the Kyrgyz Republic by citizens of Pakistan, India and a number of other countries. An effective algorithm is being developed to control the entry and stay of citizens of a number of foreign states, taking into account security, law and order issues.

Responsibility of the inviting party for the stay of foreign citizens on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is envisaged.

In this regard, technical work is underway on «Electronic Visa» portal to change the application process for Kyrgyz visas. The function of self-filing of applications for tourist visas on behalf of applicants has been temporarily suspended, and a function is being introduced for issuance of visas at the invitation of foreign citizens from certain countries from the host organization by analogy with the conditions for obtaining business visas.

Following introduction of changes, the ministry will provide additional information.