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New electricity tariffs planned to be introduced from September 1

It is planned to introduce new electricity tariffs from September 1. Mirgul Aidarova, Deputy Director of the State Agency for Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Complex under the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, said at a press conference.

According to her, earlier, the state agency planned to introduce new tariffs on August 1.

«We’re a little late. The new regulation will be registered with the Ministry of Justice. If the public discussion of the draft ends on July 15, we need exactly one month to submit it to the Government for approval. Then, approximately on August 15, we expect a decree from the Cabinet of Ministers. We will not be able to introduce it retroactively, so we plan for September 1,» Mirgul Aidarova noted.

In June, the Ministry of Energy and Industry submitted a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the medium-term tariff policy for electricity for 2021-2025 for public discussion. The discussion will end on July 15. Citizens can make their suggestions and comments unit that time.