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Residents of 62 houses in Terek-Sai to be resettled due to gold mining company

Residents of Terek-Sai village in Chatkal district of Jalal-Abad region will be resettled because of the gold mining company. Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government in the region Absattar Syrgabaev informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, 62 households on Myrzabaev Street in Terek-Sai village fell under the licensed area of ​​Eti Bakyr Tereksai LLC.

«Several days ago I met with the population. Their street fell under the licensed area. They definitely should be resettled. The company will cover all costs. At least 95 percent of residents support resettlement. The only question is in determining the cost of housing,» Absattar Syrgabaev told.

He said that 19 hectares of land near the village are being transformed for resettlement of the residents.

It is noted that an independent appraisal commission will arrive in Terek-Sai village on June 24 to set prices for 62 households. At the beginning of the year, the company offered residents to buy land plots and houses from them.

According to Eti Bakyr Tereksai, this is done to extend the life of the mine, increase the ore extraction rate from deposits and increase regional and republican taxes.

The government formed a commission for the alienation of land.

«Three solutions to the issue are planned. First — compensation will be paid (based on the assessment of independent experts in accordance with the legislation), second — a separate land plot will be allocated to villagers, third — this is a combination of the two aforementioned options. According to the final decision of the government commission, Eti Bakyr Tereksai will finance the implementation of the selected program,» the company stresses.

Eti Bakyr Tereksai added that land plots and houses would be purchased on the basis of the calculations of an independent appraisal commission.

Earlier, it was reported that the villagers will not be resettled. The Ministry of Energy and Industry stated that the village does not fall under the licensed area of ​​the gold processing plant.