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Day of Sorrow: Veterans of Armed Forces lay flowers at Eternal Flame in Bishkek

Veterans of the country’s Armed Forces laid flowers at the Eternal Flame on Victory Square in Bishkek on the occasion of the Day of Sorrow today. The Nazi troops unleashed a war 80 years ago, in 1941.

According to the veterans, from the first second of hostilities until the very victory, the border guards defended the Motherland and became an example for the younger generation.

The purpose of today’s event is to foster the spirit of patriotism among young people. Participants of the event appealed to the Kyrgyzstanis and wished them peace.

In the early morning of June 22, 1941, fascist Germany attacked the Soviet Union without declaring war. Airfields, railway junctions, naval bases, quarters of military units and many cities to a depth of 250-300 kilometers from the state border were massively attacked from air.