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Kyrgyzstan starts returning electricity to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Return of electricity to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan has begun from June 1, 2021 in accordance with previously reached agreements. Electric Stations JSC reported.

The company reminded that on March 2, 2021, the Ministries of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan and Energy, Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan signed a protocol on the exchange of electricity. The same document was signed between the Ministries of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan and Energy and Water Resources of Uzbekistan on March 11, 2021. In addition, a resolution and order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic was adopted on the exchange of electricity between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

«In accordance with the agreements, Kazakhstan will supply up to 900 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to Kyrgyzstan from March to November 2021. Uzbekistan will supply up to 750 million kilowatt-hours of electricity from March 2021 to April 2022. The volume of electricity received as part of the interchange is only up to 1,650 billion kilowatt-hours. Under the terms of the agreements, Kyrgyzstan will return electricity in the amount of up to 550 million kilowatt-hours over three years from June to August from 2021 to 2023. Kazakhstan should receive up to 300 million kilowatt-hours, and Uzbekistan — up to 250 million kilowatt-hours,» Electric Stations said.

It is planned to increase the load of the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant in summer to 155 megawatts and in winter — to 420 megawatts. As a result, the annual electricity generation will amount to 2.5 billion kilowatt-hours.

The company notes that such steps have been taken to preserve the water resources of Toktogul reservoir, ensure uninterrupted power supply of the population and the country’s economy, and to successfully pass the autumn-winter period of 2021-2022.

At least 675.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity have already been supplied to Kyrgyzstan from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from March to May 2021.

The republic received 419.8 million kilowatt-hours from Kazakhstan, and 256.1 million kilowatt-hours from Uzbekistan.

«Operation of the stations of the Nizhny Naryn HPP cascade is determined by the regime of electricity consumption by consumers in the country (population and sectors of the economy). From June 1, the regime of return of electricity to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is taken into account within the framework of the exchange of electricity. At the same time, fluctuations in the level of reservoirs of the cascade of hydropower plants within a day are due to the operational and technological tasks of the operational management of hydropower plants. They are aimed at stable and uninterrupted generation of electricity at hydropower plants and take into account the operation of the entire energy system of Kyrgyzstan during the period of repairs of the main equipment of power plants and interstate power transmission lines in the unified energy system of Central Asia,» Electric Stations noted.

The volume of water resources in the Toktogul reservoir is maintained equivalently during the exchange of electricity.

Electric Stations JSC

The additionally consumed water from Toktogul reservoir when supplying electricity from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan during the growing season is compensated by a decrease in water consumption when supplying electricity from neighboring countries in the autumn-winter period. Power engineers once again assured that water from Toktogul reservoir passes only through the hydro turbines of each hydropower station and generates electricity. Information on the level of water in Toktogul reservoir has been published daily in the media and on the website of Electric Stations JSC since 2010.

The accounting of water flow at hydropower plants of the Toktogul cascade of hydropower plants is carried out by the duty personnel of each hydropower plant in the form established in the daily sheet.

Information about the outflow from each hydropower station is transmitted to the personnel on duty and recorded in a special log of the water regime and daily sheet. At the end of the day, the on-duty personnel transfers information about the outflow of the HPP cascade to the operator of NESK OJSC.

«As soon as the water level in the Toktogul reservoir decreases or the operating mode of hydropower plants changes slightly, some people think that the water is being sold. Prior to that, there were and will be suspicions about the sale of water. But it should be noted that a special commission of deputies of the Parliament was formed several times because of the suspicion of sale of water from Toktogul reservoir. Representatives of the media participated in it. The commission was convinced that the water from the reservoirs of the hydropower stations was not sold to neighboring countries,» Electric Stations concluded.