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Book dedicated to 12-year-old Madina killed in border conflict in Batken region

Writer Talantbek Shabiev presented a book «Magic Rain» in the lead-up to the International Children’s Day. He announced it at a press conference in Bishkek.

According to him, the book tells about the attitude of children to war.

«War is loss, tears and blood. Children are very susceptible to such things. In the story, two friends are dreaming the end of the wars. They turn to the rain, imagine that it is magical and can turn grenades and tanks into flowers,» he told.

Talantbek Shabiev dedicated his work to Madina Rakhmatzhanova, who was killed as a result of a mortar attack in Batken region.

The 12-year-old Madina Rakhmatzhanova was buried in Leilek on April 30. The girl was seriously injured on the evening of April 29, when the Tajik military fired at International village. She, together with her mother and younger sister, were fleeing from the village towards Kulundu. Madina was hit by shrapnel during the mortar attack, and she fell.