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Artem Novikov promises no shortage of medicines in Kyrgyzstan

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Artem Novikov visited the Infectious Diseases Department of the National Hospital, where 110 beds were prepared to treat patients with COVID-19. Press service of the Government reported.

He examined the wards, available medical equipment, stocks of medicines, got acquainted with the conditions for treatment of patients and talked with medical workers.

«To date, additional hospitals have been opened for treatment of patients with coronavirus infection in Bishkek and Chui region, where the highest increase in the incidence is registered. The Republican Infectious Diseases Hospital is already full; additionally, an infectious diseases department with 110 beds has been opened at the National Hospital. Hospitals No. 1 and No. 6 have been repurposed. A ‘red zone’ has been opened at the National Center for Cardiology and Therapy for patients with coronavirus infection with heart failure. All hospitals are equipped with the necessary equipment, oxygen concentrators, a liquid oxygen supply system, and medical ventilation devices. The hospitals have the necessary supply of medicines. There are also enough medicines in pharmacies. We control the price situation. There will be no deficit,» he said.

Artem Novikov added that the overall situation is very serious. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the measures of sanitary and epidemiological safety as much as possible.

The last year situation must not be allowed to repeat. The safety of all citizens depends on each of us.

Artem Novikov

The First Deputy Prime Minister urged citizens not to self-medicate and, at the slightest suspicion of coronavirus infection, turn to the ambulance service, mobile teams. According to him, people with moderate, sometimes severe forms of COVID-19 are now admitted to hospitals.

«This happens after attempts to self-medicate at home. Let’s take care of each other. We have increased the number of ambulance and mobile teams in Bishkek. Service 118 switched to round-the-clock operation. We have opened additional hospitals,» he said.

Work has been carried out with all pharmaceutical companies to provide pharmacies with medicines. There will be no problems with supply of medicines.

Artem Novikov

«Issues of vaccination of our citizens are being worked out. I ask you to take the current situation responsibly. We in no way want to impose restrictive measures. So let’s work together. We have enough forces and means,» Artem Novikov added.

The Government noted that depending on the epidemiological situation in the republic, 11,237 beds will be deployed in two stages, including in Bishkek — 1,164, in the republican healthcare organizations — 1,752, in Chui region — 1,352 beds.