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Alymkadyr Beishenaliev to be first vaccinated against coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan

The Minister of Health and Social Development Alymkadyr Beishenaliev will be the first vaccinated against coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan. He announced it at a briefing on the beginning of the first stage of vaccination against COVID-19.

He reminded that the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine has arrived in Kyrgyzstan.

«People said that the minister should experience it. Therefore, I, my deputies, will be vaccinated first,» he said.

In addition, the minister said that 2.6 million coronavirus vaccines would be allocated to Kyrgyzstan within COVAX mechanism.

He reminded that the country applied for participation in this program in September.

«At first we were offered the Pfizer vaccine, but we need to ensure a cold chain. Therefore, they proposed the second — AstraZeneca. It was supposed to be delivered in March, but complications appeared in patients in some countries, and we wrote that we wanted to know about the causes of death, thromboembolism. And when they say that the vaccine is not the reason, then we can start,» he said.

The minister added that initially, within the framework of the mechanism, the country was supposed to be provided with approximately 1.2 million doses of vaccines. «They promise 2.6 million now,» he said. Alymkadyr Beishenaliev did not specify what kind of vaccine would be supplied within the framework of the mechanism.

«In addition, we are waiting for Sputnik V vaccine from Russia, and I think we will get it in May-June,» he said.