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SCNS head calls corridor to Sokh ‘unreliable information and provocation’

Sokh Uzbek enclave will not get a corridor. This issue was not discussed during the talks between the Presidents of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Chairman of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan Kamchybek Tashiev said during a meeting with local residents in Batken.

He urged not to succumb to provocations and not to believe unreliable information.

«We didn’t provide a corridor and we won’t provide it. There were no such words in the speech of President Sadyr Japarov. We agreed to open a checkpoint in order the inhabitants of the enclave could move more freely. We intend to determine and demarcate the enclave’s boundary. Don’t listen to lies. Only we can provide official information regarding border issues (Border Service of the State Committee for National Security. — Note of 24.kg news agency). If we say, then this is another matter,» Kamchybek Tashiev said.

It is worth noting that information about the alleged opening of the corridor was spread by Sadyr Japarov’s spokeswoman Galina Baiterek. Press release was later removed from the official website of the head of state and was replaced with an updated version.