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Prices for some types of food products continue to grow in Bishkek

Prices for granulated sugar and vegetable oil have grown over the past week in Bishkek. The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Kyrgyzstan reported based on prices monitoring in the capital’s markets.

The average retail price for granulated sugar as of March 4, 2021 in the markets of Bishkek was 60-65 soms per 1 kilogram. During the week, prices increased by 3 soms. The average retail price for vegetable oil is 125-160 soms per 1 liter. Compared to last week, it increased by 5 soms.

«The average price of rice as of March 4 in the markets of Bishkek is 65-75 soms. Its average retail prices have not changed over the past week. There are both imported and local rice on sale,» the Ministry of Economy and Finance said.