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Gasoline price could increase by 8 more soms in Kyrgyzstan in March

Oil traders predict an increase in gasoline prices by eight more soms. Kanat Eshatov, Executive Director of the Association of Oil Traders of Kyrgyzstan, announced at a press conference.

«Prices for fuel and lubricants are growing every week. The demand is very high. There is also a deficit in the Russian market, from where we import fuel. In addition, the Baltic countries buy fuel and lubricants from Russia at a higher price than the countries of our region. It is profitable for them to sell there. Therefore, gasoline prices could rise by 8 more soms in March,» Kanat Eshatov said.

In his opinion, in order to resolve the issue of increasing prices for fuel and lubricants, it is necessary to launch own factories and fight smuggling at the border.