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Trolleybuses fare to be raised to 11 soms, minibuses fare - to 15 soms

The Bishkek City Council developed a draft resolution on amendments to some resolutions of the Bishkek City Council in the field of transport, according to which it is proposed to approve fare for travel in municipal public transport in the amount of 11 soms, in buses of private transport companies — 15 soms. Press service of the Bishkek City Hall reported.

In connection with the fares for travel in public transport in force for the period from 2012 to 2020, despite the growth in incomes of the population as a whole, the incomes of municipal transport enterprises and private carrier firms remained at the level of 2012.

According to calculations, the net cost of travel of one passenger of a Mercedes Benz van as of February 2021 is 13.4 soms.

The Bishkek City Council believes that the main problem is the unprofitable position of carriers. So, since 2012, prices have increased for the following:

  • Liter of diesel fuel — from 36.20 soms to 39 soms, which is 109.6 percent (based on actual reporting data);
  • Cost of electricity increased by 118 percent (government decree of the Kyrgyz Republic);
  • Cost of tires for buses — by 131.8 percent (according to the conducted tenders);
  • Cost of tires for minibuses, depending on the manufacturer, — by 132 percent (according to the market cost of the tires).

The document also notes that dissatisfaction of minibus drivers due to low pay is increasing every day. The average salary, according to the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, in Bishkek is 20,500 soms, at Bishkek Transport Department and Bishkek Motor Transport Enterprise — 14,500 soms, the income of minibus drivers also ranges from 13,000 to 14,000 soms.

Staff turnover occurs due to low salaries, at municipal enterprises — 20 percent, at private companies — 50 percent.

The draft resolution also considered the option of increasing the fare for travel in municipal public transport to 10 soms, in buses of private transport companies — up to 13 soms.

The developers are sure that if the fares are left at the same level, the quality of passenger transportation services will decrease, and it will be impossible to renew the fleet of vehicles.