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Citizen of Afghanistan sentenced to 5 years in prison for Facebook post

The Bishkek District Court upheld verdict of the first instance against a citizen of Afghanistan Kamran Shenwari. Lawyer Aibek Omurov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, earlier the Oktyabrsky District Court of the capital sentenced the foreigner to five years in prison, but applied an amnesty and reduced his term of imprisonment.

«My client is charged with inciting national (interethnic), racial, religious or interregional enmity. A criminal case was opened in 2019. According to the investigation, Kamran Shenwari wrote a negative comment on Facebook regarding persons of Russian nationality. However, we have proved that he cannot write correctly in Russian, he even speaks with an accent. In addition, the investigation did not prove that the profile from which this comment was written belongs to my client,» Aibek Omurov said.

Kamran Shenwari’s wife said that in his last plea her husband swore on the Quran that he was innocent and did not commit anything illegal. However, the second instance upheld the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office and removed the clause on granting amnesty from the verdict.