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Ulukbek Maripov outraged that 85 percent of products in Kyrgyzstan imported

The Government of Kyrgyzstan allocated 6 billion soms for farmers within the program Financing of Agriculture — 9. The Prime Minister Ulukbek Maripov told about it live on social media

He said that he was aware of all the problems associated with overpricing of food products.

«I visited the markets and I am aware of the prices of vegetable oil, sugar, rice and meat. The cost of oil increased by 163 percent. We studied the reason for the rise in price, found out what work was carried out in this direction to resolve the issue, held negotiations with large suppliers from Russia and Kazakhstan,» Ulukbek Maripov said.

He also added that in order to reduce food prices and support domestic producers, the Government decided to hold agricultural fairs not only in Bishkek, but also in all regions of the country regularly.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers was outraged that 85 percent of consumed food products were imported.

«Why do we import everything? Then how can we produce it ourselves? After all, we ourselves can produce corn, sunflower oil. 85 percent of food products are imported. After all, we can provide ourselves at least by 50 percent. Therefore, farmers were allocated 6 billion soms within the framework of the project Financing of Agriculture — 9 for obtaining concessional loans in banks,» he stressed.