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Expert: Nobody works with people getting suspended sentences for extremism

At least 105 people have been given suspended sentences for extremism in Kyrgyzstan to date, but the probation authorities do not conduct any work with them. An expert, Director of the Asia Group Public Foundation Yulia Denisenko announced at a round table discussion in Bishkek.

«Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, preventive and psychological work with those convicted of extremism has stopped at all, since civil psychologists cannot enter the prison colonies due to restrictions. At the same time, no work is carried out with persons who got suspended sentences. This is largely due to the lack of sufficient number of psychologists at the State Penitentiary Service and the Ministry of Justice,» she said.

According to Denisenko, there are up to 1,200 convicts per psychologist at the State Penitentiary Service.

As of 2019, at least 245 people have served their sentences in correctional institutions of Kyrgyzstan for extremism and terrorism. At least 215 convicts were kept in penal settlements for these crimes.