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Sadyr Japarov: Parliament can correct shortcomings in draft Constitution

If the draft Constitution is not perfect, then the deputies of the Parliament can correct it and only then submit it to a referendum. President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov told about it in an interview posted on the president’s YouTube channel.

According to him, there is no goal to impose it on the people and force them to accept the variant of the Constitution in the form in which it was proposed.

«To date, the Parliament is considering the draft of the Basic Law. I am far from thinking that it is developed perfectly, of course, it has shortcomings. People talk about it too. Therefore, the Parliament has an opportunity to correct the shortcomings and only then submit the draft to a referendum,» the President said.

Sadyr Japarov agreed that the powers of the head of state were strengthened in the new draft. But he stressed that his responsibility is heavy.

«You say that the powers of the president have been incredibly strengthened? But according to the current Constitution, they are higher, only he leads everything, standing behind the screen. For thirty years, presidents have ruled through the prime minister. We want to move away from this, in order a person to work openly and is responsible for everything. For example, my name is mentioned now in the situation around the muftiyat. And before, everyone — the head of state, parliament, government, prime minister — shifted the blame to each other. Under the new Basic Law, responsibility will be borne by the president alone,» he added.