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Technical safety of Kyrgyzstan’s ski resorts in disastrous state

Technical safety and security of services of ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan are in disastrous state. The head of the Mountain Rescue Service and the Association of Mountain Guides, Vladimir Komissarov, told at a briefing.

According to him, there are no guarantees of assistance when a tourist gets into an emergency in Kyrgyzstan.

«We do not have rescue helicopters (there are about 12 helicopters on the website of the Civil Aviation Agency, but only 5 of them are in working condition). The Constitution stipulates that all citizens in the country have the right to assistance in an emergency, but it is not implemented. There is no such norm in the legislation, there are no responsible persons and instruments,» he said.

Vladimir Komissarov stressed that there are no standards for the design, construction and operation of ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan.

«In October 2020, we proposed to develop temporary safety standards, in December we prepared a draft and submitted it to the Tourism Department, where a working group was created. They gathered once, and that is all, nothing was brought to the end. I think that the proposed norms will not be applied this season. Then it is necessary to develop not temporary rules, but permanent ones, so that they come into effect at least by the next ski season,» the specialist concluded.

A teenager from Kazakhstan died at a ski center in Karakol on January 12. A video has been posted on the Internet, in which guests of the ski center ask the administration to ensure safety of vacationers.