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New flight rules: Who and how can leave for Russia from Kyrgyzstan

Five airlines provide air traffic between Russia and Kyrgyzstan during the pandemic. There are also special rules for passengers departing by charter flights, press service of the Russian Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic reminds.

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan can leave for Russia without restrictions by direct regular flights only, which are operated by Aeroflot and Avia Traffic on Bishkek — Moscow route on Fridays.

Kyrgyzstanis can depart using other routes and on the other days only if there are grounds provided for by the order of the government of the Russian Federation No. 635-r:

  • If you have close relatives, guardians and trustees living in Russia from among the citizens of Russia. In this case, you must have copies of documents confirming the degree of relationship.
  • If the citizens are participants, or family members of participants of the State Program for Assistance to Voluntary Resettlement of Compatriots living abroad to the Russian Federation. It is necessary to have the relevant documents.
  • If the citizens leave for Russia for treatment. Copies of documents from the Ministry of Health of Russia or a medical organization confirming the invitation for treatment, indicating the time of treatment, are necessary.
  • If citizens permanently reside in Russia. In this case, documents confirming permanent residence are to be presented.
  • If citizens enter Russia once to stay with sick relatives, guardians and trustees in need of care. They must have copies of documents issued by a medical organization confirming the condition of sick relatives, as well as copies of documents confirming the degree of relationship.
  • If citizens enter Russia once as highly qualified specialists with family members (spouses, parents, children, adoptive parents, adopted children) on the lists (indicating the checkpoint at the state border and the date of entry) sent to the FSB of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia by federal executive authorities of Russia, in the purview of which the employer’s organization is located.
  • If citizens are accredited or appointed by employees of diplomatic or consular offices, as well as their family members.

The same grounds are required for Kyrgyzstanis traveling to Russia from the airports of third countries. In addition, they must have the results of a PCR test for coronavirus, taken no earlier than three days before departure.

Citizens of the Russian Federation can fly from Kyrgyzstan to Russia without any restrictions.

 «They need to fill out a special form on the public services portal before departure. Within three calendar days from the moment of arrival, they have to undergo a laboratory test for coronavirus and download information about the result of the test on the portal of state services,» the statement says.

The Embassy also named the airlines and the directions in which flights are operated during the pandemic:

Aeroflot (Bishkek — Moscow, Osh — Moscow), Siberia (Bishkek — Novosibirsk, Osh — Novosibirsk, Osh — Moscow), Ural Airlines (Bishkek — Moscow, Bishkek — St. Petersburg, Bishkek — Krasnoyarsk, Osh — Moscow, Osh — St. Petersburg, Osh — Nizhnevartovsk, Osh-Krasnoyarsk, Osh — Kazan, Osh — Samara), Azimuth (Bishkek — Rostov-on-Don), Avia Traffic (Bishkek — Moscow).