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Transport Ministry of Kyrgyzstan tells how to leave for Russia to work

Kyrgyzstanis can leave for Russia to work only at a special invitation from the company for which the person plans to work. Stalbek Sharsheev, Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Ministry of Transport and Roads, announced at a press conference.

«The host company makes a list of highly qualified workers it needs. It must be justified. Further, the list is certified by the FSB of the Russian Federation and the operational headquarters for combating COVID-19. A person will get on board the aircraft only in this case,» he said.

Stalbek Sharsheev noted that some private air ticket offices sell fake certificates from work places, but it is not difficult for specialists to recognize a fake. Information on the revealed facts, according to him, was sent to law enforcement agencies. He also urged Kyrgyzstanis to carefully study all the documents and requirements for flights during the pandemic before buying tickets.

At present, two regular Bishkek — Moscow flights are operated weekly to the Russian Federation. They are operated by Aeroflot and Avia Traffic on Fridays. For departure, citizens must have a passport and a certificate of the absence of COVID-19 issued by Bonetsky or Aqualab laboratories. The certificate is valid for 72 hours.