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Woman gives birth to baby in police car in Novopokrovka village

Traffic police inspectors delivered baby of a woman who did not manage to get to the maternity hospital on time in Novopokrovka village, Issyk-Ata district of Kyrgyzstan. Press service of the Traffic Safety Department of Chui region reported.

A man reportedly turned to the police on January 15 at about 3.00 and asked for help, since he and his pregnant wife did not manage to get to the maternity hospital, contractions started right in the car. The inspectors decided to deliver the baby themselves.

«The delivery was easy, the boy was born healthy. They were taken to the hospital. The baby’s parents are happy and thanked the inspectors for the timely assistance provided,» the Traffic Safety Department said.

The newborn baby and mother have already been discharged from hospital. The inspectors came to congratulate the family on the new addition.